Living in the Zones: Check Out This U.S. Nuclear Target Map to See Who Could be Affected

target map

When first coming across this map it was hard to believe. It was intriguing to discover what type of zone is best to live in and which areas are the most prone to danger. It's amazing how powerful a map like this could be if a war with North Korea or another country were to take place.

After discovering this map many people were sharing it with others. They were intrigued by studying the zones and understanding where some areas could potentially be impacted but a nuke.

The truth is there has been a lot of tension rising lately with Syria, North Korea, and Russia. There also have been several natural disasters in our midst, which means no one can ever be too prepared. It's vital to have enough food, making sure there's enough water and making sure there's a bunker to escape to if a nuclear disaster or any other disaster were to take place.

Before spending that hard-earned money on assembling a high-tech fallout shelter, it may be wise to study this map and see what our chances are of even surviving a nuclear disaster in our area. It may be a better idea to hit the road or build a more advanced shelter!

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