It’s Hard to Believe When Spending Time Off Grid THIS Is What Harms People the Most

blurred woman hiking in wild

There are a lot of dangerous things in this world, humankind being one of them. Think about it — humans make disastrous decisions and some cannot be trusted. Just think of the ruler of North Korea, but I digress. It's normal to be wary of humans, especially after the collapse when people will make rash decisions, but the truth is there are some things that are far more dangerous.

That's not to say we shouldn't be cautious and stockpile our food, make alliances with people who can help us get through a survival scenario and use our survival smarts, but we must also be aware of what else can cause us harm.

Off the grid speaking, there are other things that are far more dangerous than even man vs man conflict. Even if you don't think this is the case trust me, other things can take us out quicker than a human can.

After the break and find out what it is that can harm a person the most when they're off the grid. Do you think it's an alligator, hippo, snake, or cougar? It's shocking what it actually is!

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