How to Vanish Off the Grid and Live a Stealth Life

man disappearing

Have you ever thought about what it would take to disappear? To terminate your present life and start anew?

Unless you have lived a charmed life (some have,) just about everyone has fantasized at least about leaving the old behind to embrace a new life, a new you, a new identity.

40 years ago, it was not terribly difficult to do that. Now, it is almost impossible. But what would it take?

To start, you have to be willing to completely jettison the old you.

That means no more contact with family, friends or work acquaintances.

It means for a time that the only assets or possessions you own must fit on your person or at least in your vehicle.

It means starting a new identity that is nothing like the old you – in work, play, love, you name it.

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