How to Safely Store Gas Long-Term for a Disaster

gasoline containers

We have depended on fuel of every kind to keep our world functioning as well as it can. We use wood to warm up our homes, help us achieve a tasty meal, and even melt metals. We diesel and gasoline to run our generators and vehicles, and we also use propane and kerosene for essentially everything else.

So we have to ask ourselves what will happen when a disaster strikes and we can no longer maintain the amount of fuel we're used to having to run everything smoothly. Cooking may be a challenge as will having the ability to easily drive away from a chaotic situation.

Everything that we used to take for granted now is challenging to accept and find another way to survive.

If we can't answer yes to these questions we should think about stocking up on some fuel to assist us when the going gets tough.

We never know when preparing ahead of time will do us all good. Learn how to have an unlimited supply of gas so you'll be ready to handle the collapse full throttle.

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  1. Dennis Tyndall said:

    If you can find them the old metal 5 gallon boat gas cans with a thumb pump pressurized will keep gasoline fresh a very long time.