Find Out if Buried Shipping Containers Work Well as Bunkers. Survival Experts Say “No!”

At first thought utilizing a shipping container as a shelter may seem like an excellent idea. It's a very resourceful way to utilize something and re-purpose it, especially for a survival scenario.

Most of us are all of the idea of taking everyday items that we may either throw away or never use again and instead transform it into something else that's useful. However, we may want to think twice before turning a shipping container into a bunker.

It's turns out a shipping container may not be that stable — it is not designed as well as it should be to be a bunker and that's not all. Other issues we should be aware of are vital to our survival. We don't want a bunker that's not going to hold up when we need it to!

After the break discover the alarming reasons why survival experts believe that a shipping container or two may not be the ideal emergency bug out home.

Don't overlook the facts — knowing this ahead of time could keep you safe and save your life!

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