Eating to Make it Through a Collapse: 9 Bugs That Are Fit For Consumption

Not many people can warm up to the idea that if we're dealing with a collapse that we may have to resort to eating bugs, but the reality is this is something that could happen. Not many people are fans of bugs or are willing to eat them, but it's still important to learn which bugs are fit for consumption as opposed to starving.

Some cultures consider certain bugs a cuisine. Also, some survivalists don't mind eating bugs and show us how it's done, such as Bear Grylls. He shows us how to eat larvae at the end of this article. Doesn't sound very appetizing to me but hey, I may change my mind if there's no other options.

If faced with a survival situation where there literally isn't any food eating insects may be our only option and in order to do that we must know which bugs to look for. So let's learn about some of the bugs we can eat to stay alive.

Warning: There are many bugs on this list that we should not eat raw. No one wants to get a parasite during a collapse because this sort of thing could lead to death. Therefore, if you have the option to make a fire and cook them, do that. Keep in mind that for bugs like ants or termites this doesn’t apply but as for other inserts we must be cautious.

Next learn all about the insects that are okay to eat — and which ones are packed full of nutrition! Who wants to eat a cockroach or termite?!

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