Don’t Forget to Teach Children Vital Survival Skills. Check Out the Most Important Skills a Child Can Learn:

children playing in grass

As anyone who has heard a young child say something they should not or repeat something you did not want repeated, this is because kids are sponges.

Teaching them the basics of survival can only help them in the long run!

Grow vegetables from seeds. This isn’t the easiest skill to master and you’ll need expert advice.

Make a fire and know fire safety

Cook on an open fire

Open a can of food with and without can opener (rub can lid ridge on cement and then pry open with knife)

Be able to tell if food is too spoiled to eat

How to safely use a knife

How to shoot a sling shot

How to hunt small game with snares, traps and sling shot

How to fish and hunt, using a bow and gun when old enough

How to clean fish and wild game

Find water and identify if it’s safe to drink

Filter and boil water to drink

Basic first aid

Basic hygiene practices

Find or build a shelter in the wilderness

How to stay warm, cool, and dry in the elements

How, why and when to stay hidden

How to make a basic weapon and how to use it

How to read a map and use a compass

How to read the sky for directions, time and approaching bad weather

Know where family and friends live if they need to find them

How to barter and trade (Kids naturally do this with their toys so teach them at garage sales.)

It is never too early to teach your kids stuff they need to become functional human beings and adults; in fact, kids are so full of wonder that when they are young is a great time to teach them what they need to thrive in a survival situation.

You obviously want to make sure what you teach them is age appropriate and with some stuff enforce the need for adult supervision, but the more they know now, the less they will have to learn on the fly if they ever are faced with a survival situation.

To learn more about survival skills you can teach your kids, check out Survival Mom.