Don’t Forget These 11 ‘Must-Haves’ Almost Everyone Forgets to Stockpile


When it comes to stockpiling supplies we have our basics and those supplies that we add in as “oh yeah!” items! Those things we gather after the fact, when we know it is something our loved ones craves – or simply needs it without thinking about it.

Toilet paper is one of those things. You do not realize how much you need it until you have to do without. You can use other things when it gets desperate but none of us really want to do that! And the cool thing about T.P. is it's one of those items you can continually keep restocking. If you pool one from the stockroom, put one back! It’s useful and fun! LOL!

By the way, what we stockpile is very subjective. We don’t know what is going to happen and have to do a lot of assuming! Read up on what is happening around the worked, think about what you might need in a worst-case scenario, and also think about where you will go and stay or what supplies you can keep in the places where you go and/or stay!

On the next page we are presenting you with eleven (11) must haves almost everyone forgets to stockpile!

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