DIY Food Storage: Learn How to Properly Can Potatoes

canning baby potatoes

You might have already been canning for years, and also have a way to cook and store your fruits and vegetables, but it’s always nice when a how-to video comes along, showing why someone chooses to cook in a particular way.

On today's video, the cook's fresh picked veggies are potatoes, and they look tasty even before the canning process!

Not only do we get to see the process of them being canned but we see the potatoes picked too! Also, our host provides a few tips and tricks on how to prevent your potatoes from becoming “mushy.” He also mentions a nice technique that'll keep your potatoes from discoloring.

Canning potatoes are ideal so you can have these vegetables available for a survival situation.

Go over to page two and watch this terrific video on how to pick and can the perfect baby potatoes!

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