Cotton Balls and Vaseline – A Sure-Fire Fire-Starter

cotton ball and vaseline

Fire in a survival situation is one of the key elements you must have in all but the most benign survival environments to have a chance at surviving.

While not part of the “Principle of Threes,” fire is as vital as any of them to life with the exception possibly of water.

Fire warms, cooks, defends and is a great morale booster, which means being able to make a fire is almost as important as the fire itself.

Without the ability to make fire, well, you get the picture.

So, you must have the ability to make fire in almost any situation and in most cases, the best way to ensure you can get a fire started is to use the cotton ball and Vaseline method.

This method allows you to get a fire started in almost all but the most inhospitable environments, including if your fuel is damp!

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