Common Deadly Water Purification Errors to NEVER Make

hiker drinking water

For many it's a given that if a lake has fresh water it is okay for drinking. Compared to a river that is laced with toxic plants and other things, usually we're right about that. However, nature still tends to laugh at us when we least expect it.

That's why it's recommended not to drink from a lake unless the water is purified first. After all, we don't know what type of bacteria is swimming around in the water and we don't want to end up ill or worse.

So what happens if we get sick while we're out in the middle of the wilderness and no one is around to help us? Yes, it can happen. There are men and women who are survival experts who still get sick and have to deal with diarrhea and nausea and it's usually because they don't use precaution and safely purify the water first.

Now that you know you must purify water first, read up on additional and common deadly water purification errors we must never make. It's important to take note that not only will you suffer from your mistakes, but your family will too!

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