9 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Motor Oil as Opposed to Throwing it Out

motor oil


When a disaster or complete collapse happens, we will have to learn to the same items over and over again that we never dreamed had more than one or two purposes.

A few of these items we will need to think hard about.

Including oil. Honestly, what can you do with used oil? It’s grimy, old, and who wants it in the garage?

You do! Particularly when you come to realize all of the things you can do with used motor oil. It is actually rather astounding and as we read what is on the following page a few times over, nodding as we studied these tips, thinking of clever applications that might be manipulated that are not yet mentioned!

It is always a learning experience and what is great, when you share what you’ve learned – when you bring out that used oil you have stocked away – you suddenly also have a terrific bartering tool! Friends and acquaintances may just come around and want to trade!

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