4 Old Wives Tales That Believe it or Not Are Actually… True!

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We have to wonder if one hundred years from now if the things we believe in — such as the sayings we have uttered time and time again — will be thought of as a sort of indulgent humor.

Consider this: Our ancestors have said a ton of things and put them into print. Today we can recall these common pieces of knowledge with some laughter and tolerance.

Maybe it's our great-grandparents who should be understanding of our newfound knowledge as opposed to the reverse. 😉 After all, not everything we have in the here and now is free from error. Just because we might be high-tech and attached to our phones in the here and now doesn't mean those old wives are any less true.

On the following page learn about four old wives tales that we have heard of time and time again. We may think they're ludicrous but that's far from the truth – they're actually true!

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