20 Affordable Supplies That’ll be Worth Their Weight in Gold After the Crunch

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When people are telling us to stock up on supplies left and right they're not telling us because it's the obvious thing to do but because after a collapse we're desperately going to need them.

Some people may feel apprehensive about stockpiling a lot of food because it's expensive. After all, not everyone has a ton of money they can use to store up supplies. But we don't have to have a ton of money to get what we need. There's ways to get items such as toilet paper at your local dollar store, for example.

Survival experts don't usually tell us to go out and buy the most expensive supplies – they remind us to be resourceful. That means using what we have and finding items that'll be worth their weight in gold post-collapse at inexpensive places. We don't have to purchase expensive supplies – think outside the box!

To discover which items are the most important to stockpile and which items happen to be affordable, to the next page. These 20 supplies are supplies that could get us out of a serious bind or two after the crunch. Plus, think of their trade value!

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