Why FEMA Markings Are Vital to Understand During a Survival Situation

fema markings

For people who have been in a large scale disaster area — say after a mudslide, hurricane, or tornado — then it's common to see markings on the front access point of buildings. People who have been affected by the mudslides in Montecito are experiencing this first hand as of late.

The markings are codes for FEMA searchers and they tell us a lot about the state of the building, what could be inside the building and whether it is even safe to enter.

In a disaster zone, particularly if it's a system-wide catastrophe, a person's only option may be to search for survival items and that may mean entering an abandoned building at their own risk.

While the best decision would be to stay out, if the situation is bad enough, a survivalist may not have any other option. If it's between starving or finding that pertinent medicine to save a loved one's life — you can bet which option you will take.

Understand the symbols and what they stand for not only will make a search easier, it'll at least warn you which part of the home is unstable or destroyed!

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