When I Saw How Remarkable This DIY Crossbow Is I Couldn’t Wait to Construct One Myself

DIY crossbow

Most people have a bunker and survival rations in order but they forget one vital thing — supplies for defense. There are a variety of ways to protect a property or even a bug out home, but the more tools a person has with them the better off they will be.

Not just any item for defense will do. There are traps a person can set outside the perimeter of their property and they can also make sure the area is gated off. Also selecting a safe area to set up camp or build a bug out home is important, especially if a disaster has already begun.

But what will happen if a person breaks through your property and threatens your safety? Or what if you run out of food during a long-term survival scenario. You're going to need something else that'll not only work as protection but will also work to help you get a tasty and nutrient-rich meal.

If this item for defense is good enough for Daryl Dixon, then it's good enough for you.

On the next page, learn to make a highly effective DIY crossbow so you can protect yourself, your bug out cabin, and whatever else needs protecting when Doomsday is here.

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