(VIDEO) You’re Stranded and Need Food. Here’s How to Create a Fish Spear and Other Weapons From Salvaged Parts.

spear fish

There have been countless stories of ship and plane wrecks which have resulted in the survivors having to survive on a remote island for weeks, months, or years at a time. The main reason it is such a huge part of our storytelling culture is because it happens.

For that reason, it should be a priority for everyone to learn as much as they can about an area in which they are traveling and to polish up on some survival skills which could come in handy if they find themselves in a real castaway situation.

One of the most abundant sources of food in an island survival situation will come from the waters surrounding the island.

Spearfishing has been a successful way to put food over the fire for thousands of years. Why not put this technique to work for you?

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