(Video) With This Quick and Clever Trick it’s Easy to Keep Feet Warm While Outdoors


Now that it's fall time and we're headed into winter it's time to think about the cold and how it can affect us. It's not just when we're crawling out of bed and realizing how chilly it is or turning on the heater because the house needs some warming up, it's considering how to handle being outdoors without a heater!

When you're bugging out there will be frost and snow on the roads and in the woods. If you plan to camp this winter practicing your survival skills be more challenging and your feet will get cold. That's why you need to worry about not keeping yourself warm but the main parts of your body that hold in the most heat, such as your head and feet!

Anything that can keep our feet warmer when it's chilly outside is definitely helpful. You'll agree next time you go bugging out and realize just how cold your feet are!

Luckily there's a way to heat up those feet and it's something that can be found at a dollar store or perhaps you can make your own. Socks are nice but this alternative idea is such a great way to keep in that body heat.

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