(Video) Where to Go Searching for Supplies After a Disaster

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One thing we will have to do, whether you are a well-stocked prepper or not, is scavenging. Meaning, we will need to go to places, some probably pretty-well abandoned after a SHTF scenario, and see if we can find useful items to maintain our existence.

We will be looking for anything from food to medication because, despite it all, if a collapse happens you will need as much as you can get a foothold until the world comes back to itself. And, as we have said, we have no idea how long that will take.

As our hosts tells us on the following page, there is a difference between scavenging and looting. Do not take something off of someone else who is using the item you want and need. That is straight-out stealing and wrong! Yes, we have heard the phrase “every man for himself.” But you do not want to become one of those selfish creeps that

But you do not want to become one of those selfish creeps that is far more a hood than a self-respecting survivalist. The way you handle yourself during a time of chaos says more about you than the situation you are in.

However, if a place is cleared out yet there are items still on the shelves that you feel you need… Take them. No one else is using them and if they are sitting there, doing nothing, what is the point? You will have to use your own sense of morality on this one but if you do not take that tin of tuna someone else will.

But where do you go to find the supplies you need? Some may appear obvious but other can fly right under your radar. Go to the next page and find out fifty place you can search for important life sustaining items.

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