(Video) Useful and Simple Spy Hacks Everyone Should Learn – They’re Impressive!

spy hack

At one time or another, we have all watched a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie and afterward wished we were a spy. Sure, we may get caught and potentially tortured by an enemy, but we have to admit what Ethan Hunt does to get out of those scary moments are pretty incredible!

Luckily we're about to share with you some useful tricks every spy or want to be spy should learn. A few you may have already heard about, but a few are such a great idea! Plus, they're useful for more than just spy tactics. They'll help with prepping to survive too!

After the break, you can watch a clever video where a man will demonstrate for you four tricks that'll come in handy for a pivotal survival moment. Learn how to set up a motion activated spy camera crash someone's iPhone with only one text message, how to turn an empty mini tin into a dart gun, and more!

Ready to become a super cool spy like Ethan Hunt?! You better be!

Learn some amazing spy tricks that can also be applied while surviving by watching the video after the break.

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