(Video) Try This Clever Technique to Better Insulate a Tent During the Winter

insulated tent

Spending the night in the wild may be fun, but also challenging. When it starts getting cold outside we face a new challenge – staying warm. Plus, if we're suddenly forced to leave our home during a survival situation it can be at best inconvenient or at worst deadly unless we are prepared to handle whatever may happen.

Staying warm in very cold conditions, whether it's during an emergency or just a fun camp out is attainable if we use our surroundings to insulate a tent.

On the video that you'll see later, a man takes advantage of a tarp that's separate from his tent to insulate his tent. Keep in mind that this technique will also work for insulating any other type of shelter and you can utilize more than just a tarp. For example, you could use evergreen bows as a base or insulation or even snow during a disaster.

On the next page check out a video that shows us step by step what this camper did to insulate his tent and how effective it was. When it's cold and the wind is wreaking havoc on a shelter and making everything cold, sometimes it's up to us to know how to take advantage of our natural surroundings.

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