(VIDEO) This Family Lives in a 168-Square-Foot Tiny Home. Now Wait Until You See What’s Inside.

tiny home

Through the years, the recession has hit people far and wide and in the process has resulted in vitalization to the prepping movement. Preppers who dealt firsthand with the results of the economic shift began to create new ways of being frugal and learned how to prepare themselves for the good and the bad just in case things got worse.

For many people things did get worse. And due to that fact, the recession resulted in a trend called tiny homes. Even though the recession is receding, tiny homes are growing in popularity as more and more preppers and are realizing just how beneficial it is to have a small home. It is improving the funds they have in their bank accounts!

Today electricity and heating are a lot less expensive, as is building. Many of these tiny homes are so small that they can go wherever, which means homeowners can live wherever they like.

After the break, you can see a 168-square-foot home a family built after the results of the recession resulted in them closing down their restaurant and cutting back. 

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  1. Josh Houston said:

    168 sq ft is a bit small im going for a 300+ sq ft with added sq footage due to lofts and outside patio space. But one day…hopefully soon ill be living that lifestyle lol

  2. Phil Gunyon said:

    To bad government is trying to kill tiny houses!! Check google for the HUD bill tailored to crushing the tiny house builders!! Government does NOT WANT you living out of debt….They have better control over people who are to busy worrting about bills and not keeping an eye on them!!!

  3. Luke Davison said:

    Sorry, I need 800 square feet for 2 adults to not kill each other +200 for each child

  4. Mark Greer said:

    You’re correct. Increasingly more difficult to go off-grid. Reference laws regarding collection of rainwater.

  5. James Miller said:

    Quietly. Lol. I live in a 2 Bedroom normal house but the bedrooms share a wall…..