(VIDEO) These DIY Storage Containers are Easy to Make and Are VERY Useful

soda cap container

The whole point of a survival kit is making sure it’s easily accessible when you’re in need of it. When SHTF, you won’t have time to go looking through your supplies to figure out which items are important enough to bring with you.

You also won’t have time to rifle through your belongings to find your survival kit. You need to know where it is, what exactly it contains, and then be on your way.

You probably have a survivalist kit somewhere – maybe in your car, in your bugout shelter, or in your hall closet for a quick getaway. But do you have a kit that can fit in your pocket? I mean, really – what’s more accessible than a kit that is already on you – a kit that contains small tools, cooking items, and a fire starting kit?!

Well, here’s a DIY video on a pocket sized survival container. You can make it out of upcycling plastic soda caps so that it’s durable and waterproof. Check out all the things this guy fits in his tiny survivalist kit!

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