(Video) How to Make Mud Bricks From Scratch

mud bricks

Being self-sufficient is a big part of being a prepper. The more skills a person takes the time to learn before a collapse or natural disaster takes place, the better off they will be. A few skills a person may want to try are not only building shelters, but learning how to construct a more permanent shelter such as a home on land.

It's nice if you have an area of land in the wilderness you can build on and knowing how to make mud bricks is just one skill to take advantage of. Bricks made from mud are very durable, not only for potential natural disasters but because they're long-lasting.

Cement is comprised of a variety of elements from wood to limestone. The man on the video shows us how to to make bricks using mud and wood, which are both excellent elements that can help a person build a strong foundation.

To learn how to make mud bricks from scratch head to the next page. First, you'll read instructions that'll teach you how to make the bricks and then you'll be able to watch a video with him showing us how!

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