(Video) How to Keep a Tent Warm When it’s Really Chilly Outside


We often wonder about survivalists that purposely go out into the cold and wind just to see how well they will do. Yes, we understand that the challenge is everything and one day we may all have to bug out in less than warm temperatures.

Still, playing devil’s advocate here, when we know it is going to be below freezing and we will have to go back to work on Monday morning – why take the risk? All we need is to be huddled into a wet tent, an icicle hanging from our nose, trying to stay warm with that meager fire and a much-used sleeping bag!

Admittedly, while we do most of our camping during vacations – and our vacation tends to come around the end of summer – we have hiked and camped in the rain. In other words, we’ve been chilly while crawling into our tents and rather wished for a more powerful solution than a simple campfire and gloves.

Now, if you are of the type that feels you just have to get out there in the freezing cold, trudging through snow and the wind, we might want to suggest a terrific stove you can place right in your tent. Yes, it is a bit bulky but, honestly, it will make you and your family so much more comfortable in your tent.

And if you don’t relish the idea of hearing little Bobby or Susie whining – we say what is demonstrated on the following page is something to sincerely check out!

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