(Video) How to Avoid Being a Target During a Catastrophe

low profile big city

We have many friends that we love and adore and occasionally we have a conversation around a pit fire, with some cool drinks, and talk about what we would do if a big natural disaster were to hit. Some talk about how out of all their family-unit their house is the most firm and best shelter for everyone to come to. Others say they’d keep low and hope “the crazies” don’t come out.

We ask this group about charity during a time like this. Would they be willing to give some of their things to others, food for instance, if their neighbors really needed it? Our friends, being the kind people they are, all said they would if they had enough to go around.

This got us to thinking about their safety. Come time for a big SHTF chaos scenario how would their generosity be perceived? Certainly, sharing is important but they can make you a target for those who are not so nice around you. If they see you have plenty the more unsavory of characters just may want to take it from you!

On the next page, we have a great video on how to avoid being a target during a major catastrophe!

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