(Video) He Shows Us His Underground Bunker. How He Made It? This is Really Creative!


This DIY underground bunker will totally impress you. If you need some creative ideas for your bunker project, this can help. Watch below!

This underground bunker is definitely one for the record books! It's very impressive and looks like there is just so much room! Now that you have an idea of what an ideal bunker looks like, you should get started on your own!

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  1. Frank McCarthy said:

    Just great until someone sticks a couple of tennis balls in his air intakes

  2. Corky Stock said:

    incoming vent should be shorter, heat rises out the exhaust vent, cool air will come in the shorter one, should improve the airflow

  3. Steven Cooper said:

    How does he keep it from floating out of the ground? If they sre not filled with water, the first rain and it will be out of the ground!

  4. Floyd DeGelleke said:

    What makes you think you could get to it in time? Are you just going to stand next to it until something happens!

  5. Floyd DeGelleke said:

    What makes you think you could get to it in time.Are you going to stand next to it until something happens?lol

  6. Chuck McLain said:

    What is this suppose to protect them from? Probably make a storm shelter, that’s about it.

  7. James Pallasch said:

    While anything might be better than nothing, this would rank close to the bottom on my list of bunkers. Great perhaps for surviving a nuclear blast but as far as a long term bunker, I have my doubts. Anything one might try in the woods must be camouflaged to avoid any detection. Vents should be hid in stumps, vines or heavy brush. Any noise would be a give away and must be considered. I have issues with his entry, exit points. No problem for a tornado shelter but lacking too much for a long term survival bunker. Perhaps several together, much like the space station would be better. I do respect his tenacity digging the hole in 9 hours!

  8. Samuel Helmick said:

    I like that, but I wish I had the money and land for that sort of thing. That is a good temp temp place, but I would want something more permenant.