(Video) Get a Glimpse as to How it is to Cook in the Wild… in Alaska!

Alaskan Fire

It is always interesting when we watch men and women go out into the wild, face nature, spend a night or three and show us how they do what they do. We watch them erect shelters, catch fish, build fires and basically stay as comfortable as they can during their time in the wilderness.

Stephanie Margeth is a good example of a wilderness gal who likes to do the above but also try something different and challenge herself! She not only camps out but goes to Alaska to do it! She battles her way through the snow, finds shelter, and decides it’s time to build her fire. And why not? She is not just cold but hungry!

Go to the next page and watch her build that fire, prepare and cook her food, and tries to sit and relax as she contemplates her home away from home!

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