(VIDEO) Check Out This OHT Multi-Tool. It Consists of Both Pliers and Wire Cutters, Making it a New Hot Commodity for Preppers.


Any professional in any field knows that the quality of the tools you use can make or break you.

A web content writer isn't going to rely on Windows 98, an investment banker isn't going to use an abacus, and an English teacher isn't going to use Urban Dictionary. Why should an outdoorsman or a craftsman have to take both hands off of his project to operate his multitool?

Thanks to a breakthrough new design by Leatherman, the dream of the one-hand operated multi-tool is now a full-fledged reality. While there were variations before that allowed the blades to be opened and closed with one hand, this new design is entire one-hand-friendly, meaning no matter what you're working on, you never have to remove both hands from the project.

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