(Video) A Simple (and Pretty Cool) Tutorial on Paracord Netting

paracord netting

Paracord has a ton of uses – both as it was intended and by improvised means to make other tools for survival.

You can use it to make fishing lures and line, sewing thread, a hammock, shoelaces, ultra-strong fasteners, small game snare and much more.

In fact, what you can do with paracord is literally up to your imagination.

One use for paracord is to make a very robust net.

This can be used to snare larger fish or as a way of keeping your catch or to hold items like wood for a fire for transport.

How big you make the openings in the net are up to you and how much paracord and time you have.

The video on the next page shows you how to “braid” paracord to make a net of almost any size you need!

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