(Video) A Person is Hungry and Stranded, But Luckily They Can Fashion a Fishing Kit From Their Surroundings!

survival fishing

Depending on where you are located, fishing in a survival situation is one of the best ways to get your hands on a food source if you do not have canned or dried goods to eat.

It is a lot easier than hunting and killing game and if you do it correctly, it requires a minimum amount of effort in comparison to other pursuits of food.

What, though, do you do if you do not have your normal fishing kit or even a survival fishing kit?

In that case, you have to be able to fashion at a minimum your own line, rod, and hook as well as secure your own bait.

Fortunately, while you have to be innovative, you can find at least the basics to make a rudimentary fishing kit, just about anywhere you find yourself.

To see how one guy did just that, check out the video on the next page!

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