This Barrel With Produce Was Buried Deep Underground and Left Alone. The Reason Why is Brilliant!

underground barrel

Today we have refrigerators and pantries, so the concept of coming up with an underground cavern for our food is not something many consider. Even homesteaders, for the most part, grow their own produce in the spring and then later can their foods during the winter.

However, lately, there is a new trend of people utilizing a root cellar. They use it to keep their produce fresh and can even stockpile food there. With a root cellar, there's no reason to go hungry because it makes it convenient to keep food fresh.

Yes, root cellars have been around for a long time. Pioneers utilized them all of the time to keep their fruits and vegetables down below. Even though we can thank the pioneers for the invention, today, we have to admit it's a marvel to behold.

After the break learn about a man who decided to build a cellar and how he made it happen. He offers many tips on what temperature to keep the cellar at as well and what materials he chose to use to build it!