The Key to Having Effective Prepper Communication


While we always advocate being very careful with strangers when it comes to a prepper or survivalist lifestyle, we know you will have your own group of buddies and family members that you will need to keep in touch with.

For right now, before the SHTF, your cell or landline works well. But later it may be a different story.

We hate to sound paranoid, but when you are standing on the corner of Security and Panicked Mob Violence, there needs to be some measure of silence when it comes to communication.

Yes, you will need to talk with people, find out what is going on around the world, and communicating with your own group tribe as well, but how do you do this without a gang or even a single “bad guy” wanting to take what you have?

In other words, we are meaning your livelihood and communication.

After the break, go over to the next page and read up on some key ways to having effective communication before and after the SHTF.

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  1. Cheryl Burruss Huber said:

    Be nice if somwhere in the article it actually showed all these symbols and what they mean. I can’t read them, even with a magnifying glass. Getting to the point of unfollowing this click bait page!

  2. Matthew Hopkins said:

    Each of those symbols is a different gender and to survive 2017 you need to memorize them all.

  3. Jo Hill said:

    I shoot first then get shovel end of conversation

  4. Luke Handy said:

    Why are you reposting this again and again? We get it. Kid drawings have arbitrary definitions.

  5. Dan Wolf said:

    Perhaps some links to sources of the pictographs would be nice.