The First 5 Things We Must Do When a Disaster Hits

nuclear apocalypse survivor

Some of us may not be overly powerful and perhaps even a little out of shape, but as preppers what we do have is a plan. When a catastrophe hits we will be ready to move, stay in, or head to safety. We are survivalists.

Sometimes it is vital to make that distinction because it'll give us hope when a disaster hits and the future looks grim.

Yes, we can make a plan for every possible scenario, but until we are staring the situation in the face we won't know exactly how to handle an EMP or natural disaster, for example. Some people think that a natural disaster is unlikely, but if we look at what has been happening in our world as of late we know that's not true. When a survival situation arrives we will have to rise to the occasion and know how to handle it.

Sadly if we are not prepared we could get hurt or worse, killed. For people who are not preparing there is not much we can do to help them, besides letting them know about the coming scenarios and later help them survive.

If a survival situation were to hit it's at least a good idea to have some steps in place. That way you'll know what to do right away when SHTF. Hopefully, the situation will be easier to manage as well.

After the break check out which steps we should take when a catastrophe hits. Even if our neighbor isn't ready we will be!

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