Survival Supplies From the Goodwill Store We Shouldn’t Pass Up On


While we all would love to have brand new survival items, it's not always practical or feasible. For the most part we know which items we need to stockpile for a collapse but if we were to buy everything it would really cut into our living budget.

Even though we are preparing for a collapse we still need to live our lives, which means we need to pay rent or enjoy a movie or meal from time to time. Plus, let's not forget about those monthly bills!

That's why the best idea is to go out and find items for a bargain and utilize those instead.

Have you considered going to the Goodwill? The benefits are excellent there. Not only are the items in working order, but they're really affordable. Plus, if we take the time to look there's a variety of survival items available.

After the break learn about 14 items we can take advantage and stock up on from the Goodwill store.

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