Survival Experts Urge Us to “Stop Believing This Garbage” or Deal With the Consequences

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Admit it: Many of us enjoy checking out the latest news on YouTube, social media, blogs, news sites, and the lists go on. However, sometimes we have to take what we read with a grain of salt. After all, we know the phrase “fake news” by now and just how inaccurate so-called facts can be.

Sure, there are several survival websites out there that tell us that their advice is the best advice and that we shouldn't believe what others have to say. Many excellent websites continue to give us great advice and report the facts, but even the best websites may not be providing you with 100% accurate information, including ours.

Essentially not every so-called survival “expert” on the web knows what they are talking about is 100% true, so it's important for us to read through what people say and not take it as factual information.

Most of us luckily have the common sense to understand what we should and shouldn't believe and listen to. However, there's still a lot of misinformation out there and we must be aware of that as we read and hear others talk to us.

After the break check out some of the common survival “truths” that we should perhaps take with a grain of salt.

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