Survival Experts Are Urging Us to ‘Stop Believing This Garbage’


Even though many of us love hopping on social media, YouTube, and the blogs and news sites daily, sometimes we just have to take what we're reading with a grain of salt.

For example, there are plenty of survival websites and videos out there that claim they are giving us the “best advice” and they also recommend how to get through a survival situation. While many of these websites are helpful and can provide some great tips, not everything we read is 100% true.

Basically not every survival “expert” on the internet is an expert, so we need to be careful when we listen to their advice. What they may be telling us mostly correct, but there still may be potential misinformation that we may think is true that could harm someone else.

Most of us have the common sense and realize what we should and should not believe, but there are still situations that may arise. When these scenarios happen we must stop and think before believing what we're reading or hearing.

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  1. Scott Chadwick said:

    Sounds like you’re just trying to scare us into staying on the people farms.