Survival Experts Are Urging Preppers to ‘Stop Believing This Garbage’


While many of us love social media, YouTube, and all of the news sites and blogs we read regularly, sometimes we have to take we read with a grain of salt.

For example, there are a ton of survival sites and videos on the web that gives us the “best advice” available that recommends how to stay safe during a survival moment. While many of these sites are very helpful and do provide a lot of excellent advice, not everything we're told is 100% true.

In other words, there are some would-be survivalist experts on the internet who think they know what they are talking about but they have not lived through enough situations to offer real advice. What they tell us may be partially correct, but we have to be careful about the potential misinformation we may now hold as “truth” that could hurt someone.

It's true that most of us have the common sense to understand what we should and shouldn't listen to, but there are still times when we must stop believing the garbage that we're reading.

After the break check out some of the more common and even subtle things we should disregard in regards to survival.

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