New Prepper? Here are the 10 Imperative Supplies You Need to Stay Alive

new prepper supplies

Everyone Needs To Start Somewhere. If You're New To This Survival Thing Here Are The Essentials That You Need To Start With. Oh, And ‘Experienced' Preppers, This Is An Excellent Resource For You Too. Check It Out HERE:

New to the prepping scene? It can be a daunting experience.

After all, perusing the countless websites, shows, books and survival stores will soon send you on a head-spinning plunge of questioning of what you should have, how much you should have and how long you should plan for a SHTF situation without being SOL.

For this reason, many people tend to write-off preppers as wackjobs who are hoping for the apocalypse simply because it's easier than confronting the very real possibility of having to rely on skill and preparedness.

But new preppers and those considering prepping, take heart. There are some very easy things you can do to make sure that you are at least prepared for a natural disaster or local threat (both foreign and domestic). What should you ensure that you have stashed away to prepare for the worst?

The video on the next page covers some essentials you should start stocking up on immediately.

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  1. Michael Foley said:

    Thank you for posting this video. Great info for the beginner and someone that already started…

  2. Eric Thames said:

    I figured he would have said duct tape as well. But, I hadn’t thought about a fire extinguisher, I now need to get one.

  3. Khắc Huy said:

    Hi everybody, Truth And Action…My IQ score of 88, and u?…
    T1KgD20 (y) start now. ~~>

    Tks for this post: Everyone needs to start somewhere……

  4. Paul Lassonde said:

    I’m storing up a huge warehouse full of toilet paper to trade for anything else I would need

  5. Ryan Shumaker said:

    The metal coffee cans work the best for this. I learned very young at church camp about this cooking method. We used wax for the burner. Oil or grease may get to hot and catch more on fire.

  6. William Sills said:

    Yes and keep the tuna can lid handy to adjust your heat and to snuff the fire out.

  7. Carl Dillard said:

    We can never own an AA12 unless we get an FFL, they aren’t old enough. Lol.

  8. Sean Wade said:

    Good list of how to start for people who are taking personal and family safety seriously and are new to “prepping” definatly not everyrhing because everyones situation is diffenret and depending how comfortable you want to be. I would add medications to this list. A good supply of needed meds if you need them. Epi pens

  9. James M Running Wind said:

    5 things you’ll want in your pack out,… *(5) snake bite kits.
    *save up any and all unused antibiotics, cool and dry, air tight container.
    *a surplus medic field kit, (surgery ready)., and a basic Marine Corpmans medic guide.
    * paracord
    * basic all steel hatchet, and metal file.

  10. James M Running Wind said:

    Add water filter straws, and or basic carbon water filters.
    Since noise could be a unhealthy situation, get a good bow, and arrows, and extra arrows and tips. Learn that weapon. *ammo makes a loud “boom”, it attracts unwanted attention, arrows are quiet, can be yanked out and reused.

  11. Mike Long said:

    there are collapsible bowl out there that fold down to less than 20″ for less than 100 dollars, 50-80lb draw i think.
    a kukri can replace the machete and hatchet if its long enough (weight of hatchet and length of a machete).
    you could throw in a blast match, fire with 1 hand. and there are reuseable glowsticks, i forget the brand, but they give off light for about 24 hours, can be cutand still work. its not a chemical, its some kind of solid.
    quick clott is a must, walmart firstaid kits have some quickclott items in them.

  12. James M Running Wind said:

    There are videos on YouTube, just have to sit and watch them, ..”how to make long bows from heavy schedule PVC plumbing pipe. Some were cheesey, but some kinda raised an eyebrow, in a good way. Also take lessons on how to make real split feather arrows, I’ve been told to make a video in how to make them and chip the arrow points

  13. Clint Danielson said:

    Learn skills that are required…gardening, honeybee keeper, hunting/fishing skills, home-Brewer, welder, mechanic. Etc…

  14. Sam Adragna said:

    Great video and everything only I just wish people would stop mentioning zombies as if it were a thing

  15. Bill Gremling said:

    This guy need to get to the point and stop the yabba. We are NOT STUPID.

  16. Kent Caskey said:

    Anybody know any sites that have good info about baby prep? Things like what to feed when baby food runs out? Dates do not last on these items.

  17. Alex Anders said:

    Check out Reddit. I found a huge collection of prep info that’s been infinitely more helpful than any of the BS I’ve encountered on this page.

  18. Chris Tichenor said:

    Look up a magazine called OffGrid. They did a full article on this. Being a father of 4, I found it quite straight forward and informative. I saved the issue and I’ll edit with the publication date.

  19. Jon Schettler said:

    By the way this guy has hundreds of videos on YouTube encompassing many many different topics in detail. Excellent and very knowledgeable. Black Scout Survival if you are interested in looking him up

  20. Jess Bradford said:

    I’m good I don’t believe in carrying guns.that is just me.i don’t worry about someone who has an issue with being set straight.or anyone carrying one looking for not hard to find.but look at survivorman that is the man

  21. Anthony Fe said:

    If everybody lived a life where they gathered all their own resources we could end war today.

  22. Eresatay Awlinsray said:

    Is correct grammar and are freaking titles please check that s*** or don’t have people from third world countries writing your titles