NEW: Even More Facts that Don’t Make Sense About the Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas shooting memorial

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the Las Vegas shooting and in a nation where plenty of anti-Americans are seeking violence, this mass shooting saw police officers and veterans alike doing all that they could to help the victims and take down the shooter. We're grateful to the men and women who are dedicated to saving lives and helped save lives on this tragic day.

A month after the shooting Las Vegas officials are still urging the public to be patient as they continue to investigate what really happened. However, the more so-called “facts” arise, the more things just aren't adding up.

The crime scene was huge, the connections of the shooter extend internationally and we understand why this investigation is more challenging than others to solve. However, it doesn't preclude us from already seeing what has been released and combining that with investigation leaks. We're doing the best we can to try to piece some of this together just like the FBI is.

Recently more investigation leaks have come to light that once again contradict everything we have been told. To find out what else has been released and why this information is conflicting, check out the next page.

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