Meat Companies Are Being Linked to Biggest-Ever Dead Zone in the Gulf


When we hear something referred to as “the dead zone” we immediately feel dread. There is just something about that term that sends chills up the spine. Then, when that phrase is linked to meat companies – it has to open our eyes a little wider and make us want to know more. After all, most of us eat meat and if there is something wrong we need to know about it, right?

Let’s start out by defining what this “dead zone” is all about. Around the middle of Summer every year a “dead zone” appears in the Gulf of Mexico. It is just south of the Mississippi River Delta, where a massive band of contaminated ocean water emerges. Oxygen levels are low and, because of this, fish die.

There may be many reasons why this happens but the most obvious is from the runoff coming from the Mississippi River. AKA: Pollutants from the big corn, soy, and wheat-growing states located northward along the river. This problem has been mapped since 1985 and it was recently announced that this year's run off is the largest ever measured!

Pollution is never good so what can we do to stop the madness? Remember, one day we may have to bug-out to an area that is affected by a “dead zone” so it needs to be remedied sooner rather than later. Go to the next page and read more!

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