List of Locations for the Upcoming Anti-Trump Protests and How We Can Prepare for Events Like This in the Future

Nov 4th

Time and time again survival events have taken us by surprise. Whether it's an economic collapse or natural disaster, there are some people who just aren't prepared and unfortunately suffer the consequences.

Recently we have a new threat that could potentially turn into something big. This is why we must be prepared to act and leave the area in case violence breaks out. After all, disturbing events like this could lead to some greater disaster.

On November 4th groups like Resist Fascism, Antifa, and the Revolutionary Communist Party plan to protest the “Trump-Pence Regime. Having met for months they have been planning to organize what they are saying will be a variety of huge protests throughout the US. As we mentioned, they could become violent and we must be prepared.

This is yet another reminder how important it is to have a secure shelter somewhere safe where you can leave town if needed. In addition to having a bug out retreat stockpiling supplies and warning friends and family of impending violence in their area is important. We never know when things could go south and we must be prepared to not only exit the area but have enough supplies to get us out of dodge.

After the break check out a list of planned events so you an avoid these locations. In addition, learn how else you can prepare for events like this in the future.

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