If a Person is Caught Wearing THIS During the Crunch He’ll Never Stand a Chance

what to wear during a collapse

It's that time again. Time to watch a new episode of What Not to Wear. Except now it's about survival and it's all about what a survivalist should and should not wear. So far the contestant is not passing the test because he isn't wearing the correct clothing.

If one of us was the survivalist on this show how do you think we would fare?

When the crunch arrives we're going to be thrown back into the stone ages. And yes, many of us will disappear into the woods where we'll head to our bug out shelter, chance are we may have to leave our bug out home at some point. Why? Because we'll need some food or some supplies that we are eventually going to run out of.

When it's time to venture into the city or woods after things have settled down some, we could come across threatening people. When that happens it's vital to be wearing the right type of clothing because if we're wearing the wrong thing we will be in big trouble.

What a man or woman must never wear is full tactical gear such as camo pants, a shirt, and lots of tools. If that happens he or she may be attacked.

On the following page check out what a person should be wearing post-collapse instead of full blown tactical gear. Stay safe by blending in and have a better chance at surviving!

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