How to Protect a Bug Out Location for a Potential Battlespace

perimeter defense

Initially, when a survival situation presents itself you will probably be reasonably safe. Everyone around us will be trying to get their own acts together, figuring out how they will make do until “rescue” comes if it ever does.

While there will be an every man for himself attitude it might not get truly vicious for some time – and this will give you time to plan and implement further safety measures.

However, when it does happen when weeks and months pass with little to no relief and the desperate become brutal, you and whatever team you are with will need to have seriously protected your bug-out or bug-in location. Merely locking the doors at night will not stop those outsiders from coming in, particularly if a gang of thugs get together and decide you have what they want.

We wish there was a better way to say it but if you do not really think about executing security measures – you and your people are dead-meat!

After the break, go over to the next page and read-up on how you can reinforce your area, the steps you should take, and how doing what you have already done may not be enough! Honestly, we do not say this to merely scare you, although being a little afraid could be valuable because we want to give you all the best chance at survival!

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