How to Make Unlimited Gel Fuel During a Survival Scenario

gel fire

For many of us a prolonged loss of power means that at some point the generator will go silent. When the power goes out everything from refrigeration to heat will be difficult to keep going.

We have several options including storing kerosene or gasoline and taking advantage of a fireplace or wood stove, but even these options have limitations.

Kerosene and gasoline pose a risk for emissions that are harmful and they both happen to be highly combustible. It's also important to make sure when we use them for it to be in a ventilated area.

Wood stoves are much safer but unless they're used on a regular basis it's not likely that you'll have a lot of kindling stockpiled that'll last for a long time.

In either case, fuel gel is a much better option. The first incendiary is Isopropyl alcohol and it's not highly combustible. It also won't give off toxic emissions or splash.

On the next page check out how to use gel fuel to your advantage and how to make an unlimited supply of it. It'll be invaluable during a survival scenario!

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