Hiding in Plain Sight – Clever Ways to Discreetly Wear Survival Gear


The reason why we may hide our survival gear are many, but two of the most important reasons come to mind: it's convenient and it's also for safety.

It's convenient because it's nice to have the survival gear on your person as regular bodywear (such as a paracord necklace or bracelet) as opposed to packing it in a backpack or bug out bag.

Safety can mean several things, but it's not in our best interest to advertise that we are becoming an expert at surviving. The idea is to be a grey mean and be stealthy.

After all, if a situation were to turn bad it's likely you'll be the go-to person for advice which can be fine until your survival arsenal is stolen. There are those you can trust and then there are those you cannot.  It's important to err on the side of caution. A way to do that is to leave people guessing or not even aware of what you have on your person.

To learn some ideas on how to hide your survival gear in plain sight check out the next page. It's a lot easier than many realize!

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