Have an Old Garden Hose? Before Tossing it Out, Check Out These 17 Hacks!

gardening hose

Today we dwell in a society where it's normal for everyone to get rid of items that they think are no longer useful. Maybe we've gotten better at recycling, but there are still many things that every day get thrown out.

After items have fulfilled their purpose they get thrown away in the trash without us giving it a second thought. However, throwing away absolutely everything we think there isn't any other use for isn't always necessary. If we decided to be resourceful and creative and instead, there are many materials than can be utilized in a different capacity.

For example, consider an old garden hose. Even though it's no longer useful as a garden hose and has sprung a leak or is torn doesn't mean it won't work well for other purposes. This is especially the case if you end up being in the middle of a collapse!

On the next page learn how to give new life to an old garden hose. Feel better knowing that not everything needs to be thrown away and that there is indeed many ways to utilize items now and during a survival scenario.

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