FEMA Director Urges Us to Develop “a true culture of preparedness” But People Aren’t Listening

FEMA director

With all of the recent natural disasters that have hit the United States lately (not to mention earthquakes in other countries), some people in power are finally starting to speak up about how we need to prepare for the worst. It turns out that preppers may not be that “crazy” after all.

Recently FEMA's new director has taken a stand at how we shouldn't expect that nothing is going to happen in terms of new disasters and assume we're going to be safe when a natural disaster strikes. Without any notice sometimes a hurricane or another natural disaster can strike and the result is a frenzy of people trying to stock up on what's left in the stores.

The new director feels that we're not listening and that's not all. There's definitely a trend of natural disasters as of late, and it's best we do not ignore his advice.

After the break, read and watch a video about what he has to say concerning why people aren't heeding preparedness advice and how else we can prepare for survival situations in the future.

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