Could a Survivalist Identify These 6 Deadly and Venomous Snakes While Bugging Out?

snake bite

Don't believe for a second you can't get bit by a venomous snake when you're bugging out. When I was a young girl by dad got bit by a rattlesnake, and all he was doing was gardening in our backyard. What he thought was a bull snake turned out to be a rattlesnake, but it was hard to identify because it was a baby snake.

Preppers can learn how to identify snakes, even if they're young. By studying up the snakes in your area, you can learn how to recognize a snake quickly by its head shape and coloring.

As a survivalist, you know that the collapse is going to happen. When it does it's important to have every skill set possible to survive — including identifying snakes. Knowing how to determine the venomous ones from the non-venomous snakes is of particular importance.

Even though survivalists learn how to identify these sneaky reptiles doesn't mean they can't get bit. At least, however, they'll know how to identify the potentially dangerous ones before getting bit by one.

Most snakes are not venomous, but it's still important to be safe while bugging out, camping, and dealing with a SHTF situation. You can encounter a venomous snake when you least expect it like my dad did in his own backyard.

After the break, learn how to identify six important venomous snakes that are found throughout the United States. Knowing how to pinpoint these dangerous reptiles could potentially save your life!


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  1. Mark Hicks said:

    If I’m bugging out, all snakes are poisonous and edible.

  2. Gina Patterson Carr said:

    I know from an educational standpoint that there are good snakes BUT….I am terrified of all snakes and I am sorry to say I do generally kill every snake unless it gets away before I can get it.

  3. Thomas Daniel Gunter said:

    You mean those handy meats? That’s how a REAL survivalist thinks of them. Just look out for the business end…

  4. Evan St Francis said:

    That looks like a baby python. I wouldn’t expect that I would mistake a hog or a “bull” for a rattler.