Awesome Benefits Of The Israeli Bandage And Why You Need It In Your First Aid Kit


No survival First Aid Kit is complete without at least one Israeli Bandage. It's a “must have” first aid item for anyone who may experience a trauma-based injury.

This is because while you never want to experience trauma, in a survival situation, you never know and having one on hand when you need it can literally be a life-saver.

While the technical name is The Emergency Bandage, it’s a bit of a misnomer, as the Israeli is really a pressure dressing. It combines a sterile dressing, elastic bandage and pressure applicator capable of exerting up to 30 lbs. of pressure on a wound. The closure bar, which secures the bandage at the end of wrapping, can also be used to exert additional pressure.

The Israeli is truly a multi-purpose bandage and can be used as a make-shift tourniquet, ACE Wrap, or even a sling to immobilize an appendage. It’s truly a versatile item to include in your trauma kit or first aid kit. It can also be self-applied, even one-handed.

Usage and Application

We’ve always thought highly of Israeli Bandages, which is why they’re included in every ETA Trauma Kit we make. The only downside to them is that they’re wrapped twice like that pesky Pepperidge Farm Bread!

Truthfully, this isn’t really a downside, as the double packaging ensures their sterility. Although, if you haven’t been trained on using an Israeli and opening it from the package, you can be setting yourself up for failure and wasting precious seconds in a life-threatening situation.

Hopefully you’ve all heard the phrase “seconds count,” this is no joke when you’re talking about stopping a severe hemorrhage and having to open a pressure dressing like the Israeli Bandage twice isn’t practical.

I’ll let the video explain the instructions for applying the bandage and just what the packaging looks like when they’re opened. We’ve also got step-by-step photos below.


We recommend storing them out of the outer vacuum sealed wrapper (still wrapped in the inner vacuum sealed wrapper).

The outer wrapper is clearly marked on the new Israelis with tear marks, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for on the interior wrapper you may waste precious time. With the added potential of having gloves on and slippery hands, this is no time to be wildly tearing at a plastic wrapper to get to the bandage.

In terms of having an effective trauma bandage, you cannot beat the Israeli Bandage.

It was designed to allow for battlefield treatment of trauma and because of that fact, it is very effective at addressing any trauma you may encounter.

To get more details on this amazing bandage, including where you can buy some, please visit It's Tactical.